Thrash Flow

Count Bass D - Dwight Around Your Lips (Cassette)


While working on his next full length album, Count Bass D composed many instrumentals that did not fit the criteria. The first batch of instrumentals was released as Cloak and Dapper (August 2015). Dwight Around Your Lips is a collection of 17 beats (plus a digital bonus track) carefully crafted for cassette and intended to be played from start to finish. These beats complete the warm up for the March 15th release of his long awaited vocal album, Instantly New. An extensive Spring U.S. tour will immediately follow.

My Blessing

Don’t Worry

Don’t Stay Away

Fancy Clothes



East Memphis

We Do What We Can

Under Planning

Better Than Just Any Man

Yeah Who

Far As Hell

Gerald and Sean 2

Humble Brag

Slick and Slight


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