Full Plate

Dillon - Cupid's Revenge: The Ain't Shit Suite (Cassette + Download Card)


Back in 2010, Dillon had just released his proper debut full-length with Paten Locke, 'Studies in Hunger', and it was at this time when he finally confronted his plethora of personal relationship issues. What emerged on Valentine's Day 2010 was 'Cupid's Revenge: The Ain't Shit Suite' - an ode to lovers lost and well...not that much gained in return.

Jacksonville bred, Berlin-based produced Batsauce provides the soundtrack as Dillon chronicles a promising new relationship that goes predictably bad. In true Dillon fashion, after all the melancholia is out of his system, he heads to outer space where he seems to have better luck with the ladies. Do yourself a favor and watch the homemade short film that Dillon hooked up for the complete experience.

Brand New Love


Nothing to Lose

Fly Away

Space Pimpin'

Never Fall in Love Again (Interlude)

Brand New Love (Grown Man Remix)

Heartsachord (Grown Man Remix)

Nothing to Lose (Grown Man Remix)

Fly Away (Grown Man Remix)

Space Pimpin' (Grown Man Remix)

Bonus Beats Produced by Batsauce