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Leolyxxx - Plastic Inners II (Cassette)


Continuing an impassioned survey of Nigerian Boogie music kicked off earlier this year, the Swedish record collector/illustrator Leolyxxx extends his exploration of the African nation’s sonic riches on Plastic Inners II. Still making sense of the vast trove of vinyl amassed over 2017, Leo boiled things down into another 80-plus-minute joyride of his favorite selections. Staying both on theme (a showcase of Nigerian music's stylistic diversity and quality) and energy (uptempo euphoria-bringers, slow-motion highlife and mood-elevating R&B), this second installment maintains the unique, vibrant narrative established in his previously acclaimed Plastic Inners - Volume 1.

Side A - Untitled (40:02)

Side B - Untitled (35:26)