Producers I Know

Pig Pen - Incredibly Illegal (Cassette)


Look out for Pig Pen’s debut beat tape on Producers I Know. “Incredibly Illegal” is a 15 track epic that serves as a score to the happenings in the underbelly of every major city at night. Crime and the illegal activities that often lead to violence such as drug trafficking, gambling, robbery & the deception involved with chasing the almighty dollar. “Incredibly Illegal” is inspired by the scores of films like “Odds Against Tomorrow”, “The Pawnbroker” & “The Cool World”.

Incredibly Illegal

Down These Mean Streets

The World Is Filled With Pimps & Hoes

Corner Boys

The Re-Up

The Heavy Set


State Of Wayne

When I Call

I Love You

Money For Nothin’

A Child Is Born

Church Of Hardcore

Summer In The City

Code Of The Streets