Slug Christ - Goat Eyes (Cassette)


A very rare document of early Slug Christ material, originally recorded back in 2012, "GOAT EYES" is not only the most sinister and dark release Slugger has ever done, but has only seen the light of day digitally in literally only one location on the internet. Sequenced and pulled from the original masters, GOAT EYES is seeing it's first ever physical release on a VERY limited run of 60 HAND-NUMBERED pro-made cassettes.

Punk As Fuck. Go get it.

12 10 20 IMACULATE EJACULATION (FUCKIN YO BITCH) (Produced by Slug Christ)

Bad Habit feat. Silky Johnson (produced by Kvshmere)

Already Dead (Produced by Slug Christ)

Wage $lavery (Produced By Slug Christ)

Fucked Feat. Ethereal (Produced By Slug Christ)

This World Is Mine (Produced By Lambo Beach & Slug Christ)

House Fulla Dope (Produced By Slug Christ)

Goat Eyes

Leaned Out In The Graveyard (Produced By Slug Christ)

Ghost Drop Feat. Trap Habit & Casmer (Produced By Slug Christ)

Slug Party Feat. Houdinne & Catt Moop (Produced By Catt Moop)

God Slayer (Produced By Slug Christ)

The Resurrection Of The Slug Christ (Produced By Slug Christ)

Life Lesson (Produced By Lambo Beach & Slug Christ)