Alpha Pup Records

The Breathing Effect - The Fisherman Abides (Cassette)


The Breathing Effect will release their sophomore album The Fisherman Abides, returning with Los Angeles based Alpha Pup Records for its release across vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital platforms. Following up the success of their debut album Mars Is A Very Bad Place For Love, The Breathing Effect’s songwriting approach has become more vivid and pronounced with their new effort, offering a wider extension of their vision. Powerful harmonies and vocal cadences glide over dynamic drum grooves and bass lines, extending their personal lives into the DNA of every sound across the new works.

The eight songs that comprise The Fisherman Abides present a multitude of genre types, blending together soul, rock, and jazz in a completely new form. A panoramic lens is offered in tone, emotion, and vibe, where one can find a sleek and propulsive moment in one instance and a magical and gentle one in the next. Truly a sound all their own. The Fisherman Abides continues the legacy of The Breathing Effect.

Water Static (Blinding Phoenix)

The Morning Swim

The Grove

Walking Backwards

Driftwood Dialogue


The Pier (New Eyes)

The Ode