VIK - Back On Top Soon (Cassette)

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"Creating and releasing this album has been catharsis. It's a snapshot of my life up to this point from all the extreme lows to all the extreme highs. This album is symbolic of constant growth and knowing that no matter what life throws at me or how low it gets I can always strive and do better. This music is my way of combating the constant feelings of depression, existential dread and anxiety that have weighed on me for such a large portion of my life... Taking all of that pain... All of those thoughts and emotions... All of those good days and all those days where everything seemed like it had no possible way of getting better... Taking all that in and releasing it all thru art and looking at myself now and realizing that I've made it thru all of that and have become a better person from all of it... This is about looking back at past versions of myself and learning from my mistakes. This is about not forgetting where I've come from but also not forgetting how much work is still left to be done. Not just internally but externally as well...... It's also a reminder that no matter what bullshit life throws at you.. no matter how trash it gets... we forever BACK ON TOP SOON....... I just hope my bullshit can help you thru your bullshit...." - VIK

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