Budamunk & ill Sugi - Spirit Of The Golden Era (Cassette - Blue)


URBNET proudly signs Japanese beat maker/producer duo BudaMunk & ill Sugi and launches their latest album entitled Spirit of the Golden Era. The release will be available on limited edition cassette.

Budamunk & ill Sugi - Spirit of the Golden Era The 90s were, in many ways, the golden era of Hip-Hop music—a time when its expression was still pure and raw. BudaMunk is one of the rightful heirs to that golden era, and together with the younger Nasty Ill Brother Sugi (who has also studied Hip-Hop’s lineage) the two artists form an inter-generational sound that honors the soul of HipHop’s remix legacy. Excavating beats from the dusty depths of HipHop’s past, the duo refashioned forgotten beat-styles (like the “boom bap”) to vibrate once again in a manner that is very different from contemporary offshoots of the sound. The “boom bap” was never truly gone—it just fell out of style. But it has returned and found a new home in the aesthetic spirit, vision and composition of BudaMunk and Ill.Sugi. These beats will surely put the diaphrams of your audio equipment to work!

Amplified Frequencies

Time To Rock

Visions Of You

Friendly Vibrations


Quiet River

Guitar Slap

Day I Came feat. Joe Styles

Into The Unknown

Sound Invasion

Peace Of Mind (Bonus Beat)

Day I Came inst (Bonus Beat)