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Dr. Dooom (Kool Keith) ‎- First Come, First Served (Cassette)


100 hand numbered copies pressed on Orange and Green shells.

The problem with being recognized as a creative genius is that you've got to live up to it 24/7. Kool Keith was given such a mantle upon the release of the Dr. Octagonecologist album, and it's not something he seems happy about: on the first track of First Come, First Served, he--as Dr. Dooom--kills Octagon. It's the perfect move for Keith, and it sets the tone for the album, which is a mix of humorous tracks ("Neighbors Next Door," which asks you to imagine having Keith and Jacky Jasper living in the next apartment, and "You Live at Home with Your Mom") and songs on which Keith lays down the law ("No Chorus" and "Leave Me Alone"). Few MCs could hope to match Keith, but here--rapping over knocked-off Octagon grooves (produced with Kutmaster Kurt, they're still more innovative than most) and settling lots of personal scores--he sounds like he's just trying to get a bunch of ideas out of his head as quickly as possible. Still, there's an amazing EP's worth of material here, but it's spread over a full album. Minus the filler, Dooom might just be Octagon's better. --Randy Silver

Who Killed Dr. Octagon? Intro

No Chorus

Apartment 223

Mr. Ratt (Skit)

Neighbors Next Door

I Run Rap

You Live At Home With Your Mom

Housing Authority

Wild Kingdom (Skit)

Welfare Love

Dr. Dooom`s In The Room

Call The Cops

Brothers Feel Fly

Side Line

Bitch Gets No Love

The Shopping List Skit

Body Bag

Mental Case

Leave Me Alone