Glue Moon

Former Boys - Magic Tricks (Cassette)


Glue Moon presents the 1-hour debut album of Michael Lundy's FORMER BOYS project. a leap of a transformation from his AGES release, "Momentos." As AGES was lounge-y, bossa nova, exotica style, sounding like the soundtrack to a hotel lobby in the 70s, and this endevour as FORMER BOYS is a dark, mystic, voyage through deep tranced-out kraut grooves and SPACE ROCK.

the appropriately titled, "Magic Tricks" displays the far out reaches of Lundy's musical mind and abilities, drawing upon the styles of SLEEP, CAN and other bad ass, one-syllable bands synonymous with the kraut, sludge, drone and doom sound. "Magic Tricks" however, equally draws upon THE LIGHT if ya dig, incorporating bright, colorful tones reminiscent of Animal Collective's Panda Bear as well to balance out all that doom :)

perfect for skipping school, loading the bong, and turning on the blacklight to.

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