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Gossamer - Imperishable (Cassette)

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Gossamer is Evan Reiner the Los Angeles based producer, guitarist, synthesizer scientist and urban-spelunking field recorder known for creating a bottomless sea of found sound and ambient soundscapes. His sophomore album 'Imperishable' is less an album than an environment all its own, or a journey into the unexplored. And whether it's inspiring a trip deep into the discography of Steve Reich or into California's beautifully desolate Ansel Adams Wilderness, it's that fearless spirit of exploration that brought Imperishable to life alongside some help from co-pilot Sonny DiPerri. DiPerri cut his teeth learning from one of the best - Trent Reznor & has since gone onto work with the likes of Animal Collective & Portugal The Man took an immediate liking to Gossamer's project & overall sound to help mix & Co-Produce Imperishable.

I Embrace of Light

II Path to Understanding

III Encounter

IV Visitation

V Awakening in Sleep

VI Halls of Reflection

VII Grace

VIII Into the Endless Void