KUTMAH - BLK/SMR (Cassette)

Originally from Brighton, Kutmah made his name while living in the US, releasing some acclaimed mix tapes and building up connections with the Brainfeeder & Low End Theory crews. In 2010 he was deported to the UK, lived in London for 5 years and now resides in Berlin (while still holding down a show on the East London-based radio station NTS). In Summer 2015, prolific leftfield beatmaker Kutmah released the 20-track instrumental beat album BLK/SMR on Bandcamp. During March 2016 he selected & sequenced his favorite nine tracks for a forthcoming limited-edition 10" vinyl version of BLK/SMR [HNR67] on HIT+RUN.


The Darkening / Get High

Ill Eye

In Nature

Look What You Made Me Donone

House On The Hillnone

Cold Statenone

Watch Out Sucka (Final Kill 2)

Mira Beat

The Wire (One For Omar)