Rarebreed/Dizzy Arcadian

Sir Froderick & DistantStarr - He's The Producer, I'm The Emcee (Cassette)

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Dizzy Arcadian and Rarebreed presents He’s The Producer, I’m The Emcee, the debut EP from Sir Froderick and DistantStarr. He’s The Producer, I’m The Emcee showcases the two artists prominent skills in production and lyricism with six neck breaking tracks. DistantStarr brings his intricate and clever raw rhymes while Sir Froderick provides his palette of nostalgic sounds from his MPC 2500. It was inevitable that these two will finally work together and release a project in a era of a lot of wack commercial pop sounding hip hop. They knew that the people were ready and hungry for the raw sh*t.

intro_stylin’ ft Buddy Leezle

dirty chai