R&S Records

Sporting Life - 55 5's (Cassette)


Limited Edition Cassette, 300 copies worldwide

Ratking's Eric Adiele flexes a more fugged electronic sound nodding to '90s AFX - RIYL Gobby, Lee Bannon, SFV Acid** "Comprised of 10 tracks of mind-bending beats, twisted up samples and fuzztone chords, taking influence from the likes of Arca, Actress, DJ Rashad and Aphex Twin 55 5’s is a natural addition to R&S’s tradition of forward thinking electronic experimentation. Busting out of the traditional long player format, 55 5’s fits more snuggly into the beat tape / sampladelic tradition that has long proven a fertile font of creativity. From the slurping, spiralling filter-funk of ‘Looks Good On You’ to the frenetic 808 drum n bass of ‘Badd’, the dayglo bounce of ‘Pre-Order The Dope’ to the airy, crystaline ‘We Three’ – 55 5’s is spontaneous and loose, filled with sketched out constructions that vibrate with promise and originality. Despite having produced two albums for Ratking, it’s still Adiele’s feeling that he’s just begun. “When you sense your production techniques and approaches improving it always feels like you’re just starting out, like the feeling before a game.”


Triple-Double No Assists

A.I. Style

Sports Nation

My More Rounds


The Sopranos

Pre-Order The Dope

We Three

Looks Good On You