Chris Webby - Jamo Neat (CD)

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After the release of his successful debut Chemically Imbalanced Chris Webby released JAMO. Now available officially on CD for the first time "I really feel like this is some of the best music I've ever made," Webby says of the Sap-produced release (Wiz Khalifa, Meek Mill, The Game). "Being able to work with one producer for the whole project really set a vibe that can't be duplicated with multiple producers. The entire project was written, produced & recorded in only 8 days while we were in Miami." As for the album's title, the explanation is fairly straightforward: "The name Jamo-Neat stems from myself and Sap drinking a bottle of Jameson every night while recording the EP," says Webby. "Jameson is my drink of choice."

Walt and Jesse (feat. Sap)

Master of the Ceremony

Whatchu Need (feat. Sap & Stacey Michelle)

Feelin' Like

Screws Loose (feat. Stacey Michelle)

True Romance

Say It Ain't So (feat. Sap)

Jekyll and Hyde (feat. Stacey Michelle)

Vibe 2 It (feat. Sap)

That's Life