Dan-e-o - The Day It All Changed (CD)

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Veteran Toronto MC, Dan-e-o debuted in 1996 with his first single “Dear Hip Hop” - now considered a Canadian Hip-Hop classic. The release sparked a more than two-decade career complete with numerous album releases, battle rap victories and a growing actor’s resume.
On April 23, 2014, Dan-e-o became a father. His fifth solo album, "The Day It All Changed" doubles as a soulful ode to his wonderful daughter, Melina and his most mature, polished presentation of lyricism to date. The LP features guest appearances from Wordsworth, Pearl Gates, Choclair, Ro Dolla and up-and-coming R&B sensation, Xentury.

My Heart


Baby Girl (feat. Choclair, Ro Dolla & Xentury)

Lil Melina Say

Worth All The Hurt (feat. Xentury)

Born To Be (feat. Pearl Gates & Wordsworth)

The Deadbeat Diss Track

Devil In A White Dress

Family Stays (feat. Grimace Love, Charisma a.k.a. Skizzz & Xentury)

A Song For Abuelo