Brown Bag Money

Daniel Son, Asun Eastwood & Futurewave - Physics of Filth (CD)

Asun Eastwood, Daniel Son and Futurewave, are names that have been bringing quite a buzz to the masses. They’ve taken turns appearing on one another’s solo projects, bringing nothing but premium product. Knowing what they’re capable of, we asked for more, and they supplied. This is their time, it’s just the beginning of a continued wave of success for these talented individuals. Collectively, these 3 bring us Physics of Filth where they take us back down the dark streets of Toronto through detailed lyrical depictions and beats as cold as the hearts of the lost souls who roam the alleys at night. Enjoy this latest offering, and appreciate the blood, sweat and tears they put in to give us an album that’s nothing short of pure quality. 

Go To Church

Snake Oil


Fuck You Thought

Barefaced Killah

Stove Lit

Moonwalk (feat. Black Nazi)

Bloody Tears

Physics of Filth

Tuscan Leather

Rule of Thumb