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Good People - Good For Nuthin + The Summer EP (CD)

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The Good People are exactly that, good folks that have maintained a strong presence in Hip-Hop since the midnaughts. Consisting of MC/DJ Emskee and MC/producer Saint, these two heads eschew the violence and misogyny of hardcore Hip-Hop but still give fans that energy and sound of classic 90s Boom Bap. While some may even group them under the conscious Hip-Hop banner, their intent is to just make the kind of music that listeners can’t help but nod their heads to. The type of tunes that send b-boys into the circle without a second thought. While this true school twosome dropped a number of well-received projects (group and solo) between 2004-2013, it wasn’t until earlier this year that they released their third official group album, “Good For Nuthin”. The effort showed they hadn’t lost a step. In fact, it is the very definition of essential, “no frills” Hip-Hop. The album features some of the genre’s most enduring pioneers and vets, including Kool DJ Red Alert, Large Professor, Sadat X, Lil Fame, the Cella Dwellas and more. Now, only a little more than four months later they are back with an offering perfect for the upcoming dog days, which is appropriately titled “The Summer EP”. The 6-track affair carries on tradition without sounding retro. It starts with the genuine LA vibes of “Windows Down” featuring Tash of Tha Alkaholiks, which is followed up by a braggadocios posse cut with A-F-R-O and Termanology titled “Sidewalk Barbecue”. Quintessential East Coast horns and thumping drums dominate the remainder of songs, including the laid back lead single, “A Summer Night At The Symphony”. The joint starts with the same narrated intro as The Juice Crew’s “The Symphony”, and features noted spitter John Jigg$ and his team, MXNXPXLY Family, getting busy on the mic. Suffice it to say, this extended player will be getting enough spins in convertible rides, at BBQs, and on late night radio shows that still play the real. Push play and experience that feeling of a cold drink on a sweltering day.

Good For Nuthin (feat. Kool DJ Red Alert)


Everybody In The Place (feat. Large Professor)


Higher (feat. Lil Fame)


When You’re Done (feat. Sadat X & Napoleon Da Legend)

Down Here (feat. DJ C-Reality)

Off The Block

This Far (feat. Cella Dwellas)

Moonlighting (feat. G-Roc)

Game In The Step

Get Up

Windows Down (feat. Tash)

Sidewalk Barbecue (feat. A-F-R-O and Termanology)

Keep it Movin (feat. Horror City)

The Moodment

A Summer Night At The Symphony (feat. MXNXPXLY Family)

Through You (feat. Kriminul)