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Maurice Brown - The Mood (CD)

The Mood is an amalgamation of jazz, soul & hip hop swathed with luscious soundscapes and exciting improvisations. The album was conceived with the goal of picking up the listener and taking them on a journey, transporting them to an entirely new place with each song, exploring moods and feelings that words cannot adequately express on their own. Each song is a vignette of a moment in life & has been captured into a soundtrack. This music reflects Maurice Brown's American roots in black music while reflecting the musical influences of his world travels. Brown tells us, "We are in a political and economic climate that has been sapping the energy and sense of hope from everyone around us. It’s very easy to get caught up in the negativity. In these trying times, I sought to create a mood that would uplift people and show the world through a beautiful lens."

The Mood

On My Way Home

Intimate Transitions (Jardin Le Sonn)

Stand Up ft. Talib Kweli

Moroccan Dancehall


Capricorn Rising

Journey Exotique


Destination Hope ft. Chris Turner & J. Ivy