Scarface - Deeply Rooted (CD)


After a bit of a musical hiatus - a stint in prison, and a radical change in his health regimen briefly shifted his focus - Scarface is coming back hard this summer with his 13th album, Deeply Rooted.

From his earliest verses in the late 1980's as a solo artist and a member of the Geto Boys to every song on Deeply Rooted, Face has always made sure to tell the stories he feels the world needs to hear. Whether it is speaking out against injustice, reflecting on his struggles with depression and his own mental health, or just telling the stories of the streets, he is one rapper you can always rely on to give you the real deal.

Deeply Rooted features all new material from Brother Mob aka Scarface and includes guest appearances from Nas, Rick Ross, John Legend, Cee-Lo Green, Akon, ZRo, Avant and Papa Reu.


Rooted (feat. Papa Rue)

The Hot Seat

Dope Man Pushin' (feat. Papa Rue)

Fuck You Too (feat. ZRo)

Steer (feat. Rush Davis)


Do What I Do (feat. Nas, Rick Ross and ZRo)

God (feat. John Legend)

Keep It Movin' (feat. Avant)

You (feat. Cee-Lo Green)

All Bad


No Problem