Tenor Triage - Tenor Triage (CD)

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Brooklyn’s Tenor Triage unites the saxophone camaraderie of Michael Eaton, James Brandon Lewis, and Sean Sonderegger into a freewheeling and outward-bound spin on a classic matchup. The band’s chemistry melds harmolodics and fiery, hymnic free jazz to heavy hitting groove and gritty polyphony. “Tenor Triage”, outlines their vision through original music plus a deep cut composition by Dewey Redman, joined by bassist Brad Jones and drummer Calvin Weston (both alumni of Ornette Coleman’s ensembles). The tenors dedicate “Tenor Triage” to their late bandmate, harmolodic guitar master Bern Nix.

The Beat Down

Off Kilter

Blues for Bern

Try Tones

The Fifth


Mushi Mushi