Chinese Man Records

Clouds in a Headlock - Breakfast in Phantasia (Digital Album)

Psychedelic hip hop supergroup and flagship artists of the ŌFFKILTR circle, Clouds in a Headlock exist in a parallel dimension. In the regular world they are school teachers, ramen chefs, or goat farmers. In Phantiasia, they can exist without labels or barriers as fractals of light or sword-swinging assassins. Phantasia has no boundaries.

Breakfast in Phantasia is the groups debut LP. Lyrically the Clouds are somewhere between early Souls of Mischief, Company Flow, and the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud. The sonic backdrops are like a meeting of Azymuth & Alchemist in a smoked out 60s jazz club.

Rhymes: GT Lovecraft, Doctor Outer, Èph
Production: Runway 45 consisting of RHINO and Daylight Robbery! on beats and The Ghost in the Machine on effects and sonic sprinkles​