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BOO HISS - PSYCHE BIRDS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Digital)

BOO HISS returns with his 3rd formal effort, breaking from typical
music formats by delivering an entire film rather than just an album. 'PSYCHE BIRDS' is a phantasma-factual pseudo-documentary about the birds near the artist's home at the north end of L.A. county. While all the source material for this film & its vital soundtrack reflect the inspiration of experimental field recording artists like Ann McMillan & Norman W. Long, manipulation and processing are as equally important to BOO HISS' process. Through these layers of transformation, the subject matter of the outer world is cast into the guides of an inner journey. These new age results invoke works by Hiroshi Yoshimura, Steven Halpern, and Iasos while remaining grounded in a BOO HISS approach to improvisation, low-end, and synthesis heard in his previous releases. Holding everything together are touches of narration, as much reflecting a love of classic National Geographic nature documentaries as guided meditation tapes such as Nicki Scully's 'The Cauldron Journey For Healing." The final results don't require categorization though. Simply put: 'PSYCHE BIRDS' is the new film from composer and director BOO HISS.