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clipping. - Face: Deluxe Reissue (LP)

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Before clipping. signed to Sub Pop; before their frontman DAVEED DIGGS went to Broadway and won a Grammy and got nominated for a Tony; before they even blew up for their mixtape midcity, they released 100 copies of a cassette called face. The title track has long been a live favorite, showing off Diggs’ rapping skills at a speed unmatched by even most of his own tracks. Seven tracks on the vinyl with an additional three songs on the download. Features guest appearances from JPEGMAFIA, YOUTH CODE, DURAN DURAN DURAN, FOOT VILLAGE, SIGNOR BENEDICK THE MOOR and FLANCH.


Studio Freestyle 01


Face (Youth Code remix)

Foot Village - This Song Is A Drug Deal (clipping. remix)

Face (JPEGMAFIA remix)

Face (Signor Benedick The Moor remix)

Face (FLANCH remix)

Face (acapella)