Dixon Hill Beats

Dixon Hill - Holodeck Beats: Program 3 (Digital)


With Holodeck Beats: Program 3, Hill is continuing an instrumental series that just gets better with each release.

Fresh off a critically acclaimed collaboration album with Guilty Simpson, Holodeck Beats: Program 3 picks up where the hermetic Dixon Hill left off. These beats show Hill at his most focused. 'Program 3' offers straight-up slappers like lead single “Damage Mode” and opening track “Out of the Silent Planet.” balanced with laid-back jazzy beats like "The Long Goodbye", all tied together by classic sci-fi
interludes to add a narrative depth and cohesion to the eclectic mix.

There’s just so much to love and dig into with Program 3, and it’s only the first bit of new material we can expect from Hill this year.

Perfect for fans of instrumental hip hop, golden era boom bap, and lofi beats.

Track List:
1. Out of the Silent Planet
2. On Screen
3. Damage Mode
4. Signals
5. Phaedrus
6. Lrrr
7. Deanna
8. One for Nov
9. Program 3
10. Sleng Teng
11. Crisis of Faith
12. Fear and Trembling
13. The Long Goodbye
14. Green Eyes II
15. Dollarcab Redux
16. Crier in Emptiness