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B12 - Time Tourist (LP)

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New edition of the second B12 album, originally released by Warp in 1996. It continues the sleek, Detroit-inspired sci-fi techno moves of their Electro-Soma era, but ties the tracks to a playful concept in which the tracks are presented as an educational soundtrack designed by the 22nd-century company B12 Systems. Housed in an evocative Designer's Republic sleeve based on a Trevor Webb airbrush painting, the sleevenotes riff on a dystopian future society looking back at the primitive past and includes references to such genre touchstones as Blade Runner, Philip K. Dick and Star Wars. For the new vinyl edition the original B12 technology times sleevenote has been re-designed as a standalone booklet insert, and there is an A5 sticker sheet of future corporate logos from the Time Tourist universe. The download card includes 4 previously unheard alternate versions of tracks from the album.

Cmetric - VOID/Comm

Redcell - Infinite Lites (Primitives Mix)

Cmetric - Cymetry

Redcell - Gimp

Cmetric - DB5

Redcell - Phettt

Musicology - Epilion

Redcell - Scripture

Redcell - The Silicon Garden (Flymocut)

Redcell - Radiophonic

Scriptures (Lost Mix)

Silicon Garden (Likemind Mix)

DB5 (Original mix)

Infinite Lites (Original Mix)