Tri Angle Records

Evian Christ - Kings And Them (EP + Download Card)


The tail end of 2011 saw the emergence of material from a producer known only as Evian Christ, with oblique YouTube videos accompanying music which seemed to occupy its own particular twilit corner of the musical landscape, poised somewhere at the crossroads between freaked, haunted ambience and sparse, twisted R&B. Signing shortly after to Tri Angle, Evian Christ (aka 22 year old Merseyside resident Joshua Leary) released a free mixtape, ‘Kings And Them’, collating his eight tracks to date, and heralding the arrival of a truly exciting new talent in the process.

This special edition 12” collects together four tracks from ‘Kings And Them’ in new and remastered form, and sees the first proper physical release from Evian Christ.a

Fuck It None Of Ya'll Don't Rap

Thrown Like Jacks