New Los Angeles

Gangs - Gangs EP (Cassette - Midnight Blue)


Gangs describe themselves as a "Modern American Electro-Surf-Proto-Punk-Rhythm-and-Blues Duo," and we can't really argue with them. Their music is difficult to categorize, yet easy to sink into. Something about the fusion of live, raw drums layered with heavy bass and swirling guitars and sythns creates an atmosphere all its own. The lyrics are simple and catchy, placing the emphasis on the vocal harmonies created through the use of effects and vocoders. Within hours of the release of this EP they were getting FM airplay from LA to Portland to France to Belgium to Australia, and the BBC's renowned Gilles Peterson has taken a liking, featuring them on several shows. Gangs is tough to describe, we recommend having a listen for yourself.

The "Gangs Tape" features rare midnight blue cassette shells, with full-color, double-sided j-card, and clear Norelco case.

Limited to 100 units.

Take My Time

The Real Thing

Run From The Thrill

Step Up In The Spot

Walk Alone

This Time Around