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Holy Other - Held (LP + Download Card)

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Considering how Holy Other has always chosen to avoid the spotlight, refusing to do most interviews and photoshoots as a general rule, it's a testament to the power of his music how much the Manchester born producer's profile has risen in the past 12 months, garnering amazing support from a wide array of respected individuals.

While it was never explicitly stated at the time of release, Holy Other opting to remain vague about the meaning behind the record, With U essentially chronicled the painful break down of a relationship. In comparison Held is about being confined to a relationship and the depth of emotions felt throughout its course.

The muted euphoria of "Tense Past" and the dramatic, brooding urgency of "Love Some1," give way to sparser songs like "U Now" and "Inpouring" which sound like navigations through a foggy mind, culminating with the schizophrenic sensuality of the album's title track and closing with the melancholic poignancy of "Nothing Here," a song which perhaps best sums up the record as a whole.

Held is both a lament to the fragility of human bonds and the desire for them to be tighter and longer lasting. Where With U was fueled by a desperate urge to 'feel something', Held is possessed by a more resigned feeling, concluding with the acceptance that some bonds ultimately yield nothing. Gatefold vinyl from Tri Angle Records.


Tense Past


Love Some1

U Now

In Difference

Past Tension


Nothing Here