New Los Angeles

Kone - The Tractatus: 5th Anniversary Edition (Cassette)


Kone’s unique blend of “psychedelic gangster funk” contains equal parts assembly of samples, heavy fluid basslines, signature big dirty drums and sinewy synths that recall the early days of Los Angeles rap, without being derivative. This is modern beat music, freed from any constraints to a particular sound. His music walks the fine line between the electronic and organic, drawing on influences from American jazz to Mongolian folk and Hungarian psyche.

The album title The Tractatus refers to an important philosophical work of language and logic by Ludwig Wittgenstein, and the music is an interpretation of this idea, subtly a celebration of life.

“Our life has no end in just the same way as our visual field has no limits” Kone says, hoping that the listener will take away more than just a sore neck from this record.

The lead single and video “New Los Angeles” is the perfect introduction to the sound of the record. Droning guitar strums, crisp drums, a heavy synth melody, orchestral strings, and a spectrum of electronic atmosphere guide the listener through a tour of Kone’s city.

“LA is still young, and is not trying to live up to any “Golden era,” so it is progressive and free. You can see the history forming in front of you and there are no limitations. New Los Angeles.”


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