Deathbomb Arc

Lauren Bousfield - Palimpsest (Digital)


Composer and electronics mastermind Lauren Bousfield has always displayed a virtuouso flare while ecstatically flying by our ears at lightning speed, seemingly from 10 directions at once. On her latest album, she brings a new found expertise in orchestral arranging from her other work as a cinema composer, and puts vocals to the front. Much like her finger blurring piano playing, these vocals seem to be passing us by at the speed of light. We know they're there, but they dance around us rather than beat straight into our bodies. Our souls feel these songs, not just our hips.


  1. If We Save Just One Child It Will All Be Worth It
  2. Adraft
  3. A Big Box Store Mouthed To The Shape Of How Fun It Is Before It Disappears
  4. Clean Strategic Narratives With Relatable Messaging Murder Them Violently Make Their Children Watch
  5. Another World Is Possible - Presented By US Bank
  6. August Reaching
  7. Administrative Violence
  8. Birds Falling Out Of The Sky
  9. Futurelessness
  10. Foster Care Kid Running Away Again
  11. Crawling Into A Fireplace Cackling
  12. A Joke Poorly Told
  13. Palimpsest