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Medieval Demon - Medieval Necromancy (Cassette)

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Medieval Demon's Medieval Necromancy is ancient Greek black metal recalling the evil spirit of the early '90s scene - trend-proof, bombastic and mystic. The crawling riffs and billowing vocals of sorcery call all the elements together under the moonlight graveyard to resurrect this cult horde, infamous from their rare Unisound Records release, Demonolatria (1998). While others in their field have fallen violently into stagnation, Medieval Demon shows the modern world how it was done by the ancients in the underworld between man and the gods! Edition of 300.

Chthonic Curses

Spells Of Akkadian Priests

Invisible Magic Ritual

Les Litanies De Satan

Moldy Winds Of Death

Ancient Evil In The Woods

Blackmoon Sacrifice

Into The Caves Of Blood

Medieval Necromancy

The Great He-Goat