Traxman - Tekvision Volume 2 (LP)

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Tekvision Volume 1 was a stone cold classic (TEKLIFE 006LP, 2017), with Rolling Stone charting it at #3 in their top 20 EDM records of 2017. Two years on, Cornelius "Traxman" Ferguson returns with the second instalment, featuring seven exceptional new footwork productions. Traxman is a bonafide OG, with a discography dating back to the halcyon era of ghetto house in the late '80s and early '90s. 30 years on, Traxman is a revered figure in Chicago's urban music scene, having presided over the evolution from ghetto house to juke and from juke to footwork culture. Originally released in 1989, "Work Dat Mutha Fucker" by Steven Poindexter is considered to be one of the most influential tracks from the early days of ghetto house. Traxman remixes it brilliantly on this release, reworking the stripped back, minimalist drum beat of the original into an upfront Footwork pattern. This sense of continuity is equally evident on "Let Me See You Naked" featuring DJ Juicy, and Traxman's remix of "To Da Hoooz" by DJ Deeon. These productions successfully capture the sexual energy and exuberance of ghetto house, turbo charged at 160BPM. Elsewhere on the record, Traxman explores different moods whilst always keeping the dance floor firmly in mind. The opening track "It's Lasting Bass" lays an infectious vocal harmony over complex drum patterns and a fearsome bassline. "Osaka" opens with mellow, sultry keys before introducing a wobbling synth and diced up orchestral samples. "4 Da Lyfe" is a soulful and slightly more meditative track, with a vocal loop expressing solidarity and self-affirmation. "Wildcard" featuring Jana Rush, stands alone as the only track without a vocal element, instead utilizing a piercing and insistent synth to create a powerful sonic intensity. Overall, this is a triumphant record, and a worthy successor to the original Tekvision release, proving once again that Traxman is an unrivalled exponent of MPC-driven footwork energy.

It's Lasting Bass

Let Me See You Naked (feat. DJ Juicy)

Work Dat Mutha Fucka (Footwork Remixx) (feat. Steve Poindexter)

To Da Hozzzz (Remixx) (feat. DJ Deeon)

4 Da Lyfe

Wildcard (feat. Jana Rush)