Triad God - Triad (LP - Import)


Includes A2 poster and download card.

Triad God returns with his 2nd LP 黑社會 hak- se -wu Triad, spoken word raps in Vinh Ngans native Cantonese narrate and homage the descent to the underworld through a backdrop of Palmistry's productions. Limited edition vinyl. Includes A2 poster and download card.  

Triad God, real name Vinh Ngan, is a South London of Vietnamite / Hong Kong descent. Since 2011 his songs feature the rarefied production of Palmistry, the London based vocalist and producer currently signed with Mixpak. He has debuted on Hippos In Tanks in 2012 with the LP NXB and has collaborated in 2013 with James Ferraro on the single "Swarowski".

His awaited return expands on the unique atmosphere of the project, and its encrypted, solo journey under the surface of reality.


Babe Don't Go

So Pay La

Gway Lo

Chow Bat Por



I Luv U Freestyle

Gwan Ye Gong

Hay Wan

China Town Everyday

Chinese New Year