V/A - Kitsuné America 5: The NBA Edition (2xLP)

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Limited to 1000 LPs. Hand numbered jacket.

In collaboration with the NBA (National Basketball Association), Kitsuné America compilation series documents the current explosion of new exciting North American artists and producers with a soundtrack that features up-and-coming artists and more established ones.

With a curated playlist that includes everything from hip-hop to electronic music, the compilation takes a fresh and ambitious look at the American music scene.

As usual, it’s all about the tune!

Antoine Diligent - Be My Guest

Jahsh Banks - Nite Life

La Poré - Missing It

Up in the Air - Disco Shrine

Pat Lok - Might Be on Fire (feat. Sam Fischer)

Snocker Cot - Through the Night (feat. Masae)

Iman - Pull Up (feat. black oceanz)

Reva DeVito & VYNK - Hunni Dew

IshDARR - Glass

Shay Lia - Cherish

Hmu - Numbers

Nuex - I Make Bones

Claire George - Orbits

isle&fever - We're Not Broken

Hembree - Continents

Von Sell - Hell No

Lean - Hurt a Little

Allen French - Above Water (feat. Jade Hendrix) [Bonus Track]