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Zimmer - Zimmer (2xLP)

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After several EPs on Roche Musique, french electronic producer Zimmer will release his first LP following by EU and USA tour!

For almost 10 years, Zimmer has conquered the dance floors of the world without ever stopping. The young French boy, who grew up between Annecy and Los Angeles, fell in love with electronic music in the mid-2000s.

He needs little time to try to fiddle with machines, train in his corner, and then launch into the unknown. It was not until 2010 that his first EP came out. The famous Portuguese dj Moullinex spotted and published his first productions on his label Discotexas.

Zimmer, Baptiste Mours of his real name, becomes one of the spokespersons of the Soundcloud generation and started to tour around the world. Over the years, still self-taught, his creations have taken a real turn, away from the nu-disco of his debut to go pick on the side of the heady house, pure techno and a clever pop that will become his trademark. But his metamorphosis at Roche Musique was progressive. It was felt through productions more and more licked, getting closer to dynamics more minimalist and perhaps a little more upset than those of its beginnings.

Over the EP and its famous mixtapes, the Zimmer sound refined, until reaching its peak with this first album that plays genres with ingenuity. Throughout the record, the French composer Baptiste Mours alternates between tracks and techno songs by the moment, but always with the DNA of Zimmer - understand with the soft and captivating sounds that we know, this deep bass that resonates with background of the synth pads he has been using for years now, and especially surfing on 100 BPM beats, which is his signature now (and far from the cold Berlin rhythms at 130 BPM).


Wildflowers (ft. Panama)


Techno Disco

Make It Happen (ft. Panama)



Side of you (ft. Laumé)





Landing (Original)