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Elzhi - Seven Times Down, Eight Times Up (Digital)


Elzhi, the “Syllable Sensei,” is back again with a highly anticipated release titled “Seven Times Down Eight Times Up,” This 12-track LP is a collage of memories and metaphors layered atop beats crafted by up-and-coming producer JR Swiftz. With collabs from Detroit artists, Monica Blaire and Fes Rock on two of the album's stand-out tracks, Elzhi’s new masterpiece showcases his ability to create meaningful concepts while Detroit’s own comedian and “Real Hip Hop Advocate” Foolish provides commentary throughout the album.

As one of Elzhi’s most cohesive releases to date, his wordsmithing abilities paint images of royalty, excellence, and zombies wearing Gucci, all with an underlying message of resilience. “Seven times Down Eight Times Up” is the mantra for a year that has seen lots of “downs,” and reminds us that no matter what we're faced with, we will remain undefeated, and get back up after being knocked down by this machete-wielding maniac we call “life.”

Track List

  1. Foolish Intro
  2. Smoke & Mirrors feat. Monica Blaire
  3. Early Bird Night Owl
  4. Hot Winter Cold Summer
  5. Light One Write One
  6. Ferndale
  7. 7Grind House Double Feature Presents Guns and Boats feat. Fes Roc
  8. Grind House Double Feature Presents Thugged Out Zombie
  9. Potential
  10. G.O.D feat. Monica Blaire
  11. JASON