Christoph De Babalon - Hectic Shakes (EP - 12" Vinyl)

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Four-track EP from veteran Hamburg producer Christoph De Babalon. CDB has tirelessly explored the intersections of breakcore, illbient, and drum and bass. "Shakes and Shivers" fixates itself on deceptively playful grooves with eerie, night bus-to-nowhere atmospherics whilst opening cut "Harakiri" manages to distort familiar jungle tropes into something even die hard devotees of the sound will find fresh. The EP closes with what an homage to '90s ambient techno in a ruff, post-hardcore fashion. Skittering drums weave in and out of longing, futurist synth lines, and enough breakdowns to satisfy the dancefloor.


Endless Inside

Shakes and Shivers

Raw Mind