digitalluc - blu dot. (EP)

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On July 20th Hip-Hop producer digitalluc releases "blu dot.“, his debut project on German underground institution Sichtexot. The EP is a 10 track (plus 4 skit) soundtrack for long nights, which the 26-year-old developed with fellow artists such as Hubert Daviz (Melting Pot Music), Philanthrope (Chillhop Music), B-Side (Dezi-Belle) as well as Sichtexot founders Tufu and Anthony Drawn. Additionally, UK rapper Teknical Development (Man Of Booom) refines the outro song with his writing. "blu dot.“ was crafted in digitalluc’s bedroom studio in Berlin and came to life during a phase of inner conflicts and battles. The core nature of this process manifests itself in the short skits that quote Mobb Deep’s legendary Prodigy and his last recorded interview before his passing: "It is what it is, I just need to own who I am.“ With "blu dot.“, digitalluc proves that he has developed his truly unique aesthetic, marked by deep, jazzy chord progressions, detailed sound design and playful drum programming. At the same time, the record demonstrates the artist’s massive ability to tell a story and set an authentic mood through using instrumental Hip-Hop music as a tool. After releasing his song collection "re:ups“ earlier this year and his EPs "wait wait“ and "Moonsessions“ back in 2015, "blu dot.“ is kicking off digitalluc's freshest working cycle. It will be followed by his debut album, which will be released via Sichtexot, too, and accompanied by more experimental projects which are about to be released. digitalluc’s EP "blu dot.“


Snore w/ Philanthrope

Negative Things (Skit)


Project Fargos

It Is What It Is (Skit)

VuVu w/ Hubert Daviz & Anthony Drawn

Silent Sweep w/ Anthony Drawn

Not Easy Bein Me (Skit)

Supernatural Guidance

Smr G

Tufluc w/ Tufu


My Friend Pain (Skit)

Shadow Charms w/ Teknical Development, Philanthrope & B-Side