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Mad Zach - Out of Body (EP - Splatter Vinyl)

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Mad Zach’s Out of Body EP is the artist’s energetic first release with Alpha Pup. Four intense tracks balance on their edges between perfectly placed off-beats and third eye-popping sounds.

Based in Berlin, Mad Zach is a San Francisco native and festival favorite known for his unique productions and expertise in sound design. His craftsmanship is highlighted through his truly innovative and undeniable style of high-definition bass music that pulls from many different sonic influences. 

“Out of Body is meant to help catalyze a sound experience which is less focused on the ego and more about guiding you into a world of light beings and wormholes,” explains Zach. The EP fuses inspiration from Berlin’s techno world with a background in West Coast bass. Tracks feel fresh and experimental yet still pull you in with their sticky-sweet, almost viscous jams.  

“The musical idea behind this was to implement some of the strange loop concepts from my psychedelic explorations with the hypnotic techno themes and bass heavy 160 grooves that I’m really inspired by. I wanted to create something that could be hypnotic and at times intense, while remaining sexy and booty maneuvering.”  

“Dark Street” hovers hypnotically, growing larger and more alive with every new layer. Snares are set loose in “Drawing Blood” to chase down a hyped-up, high-speed buzz. Stare into the flames to spin with the serpentine “Shadow Figures” – a tripped-out tribal groove for latenight dance floor meditation. Heat rises out of “Trunk Junk” and sets the speakers on fire with a fleshy dose of delicious bass.  

Digging in deep with writhing rhythms and precisely designed percussion, every track is a sinuous showcase of Mad Zach’s expert finesse and raw appeal. 

Dark Street

Drawing Blood

Shadow Figures

Trunk Junk