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Rammellzee / Edan - Fight My Fire (EP - 180 Gram Vinyl)

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Rammellzee passed away in 2010, but before he left us he recorded his magnum opus, Cosmic Flush, with producer Jonah Mociun. Gamma Proforma continues its commemorative 12" series of the Cosmic Flush tracks with Fight My Fire, the fourth release in the series. This collection of breakcore and speed metal-influenced rap tracks fully realizes Rammellzee's complex philosophy and unique vision of futuristic hip hop, apocalyptic science fiction, and extreme sonic exploration. Here, "Fight My Fire" has been visually interpreted by Doze Green, a friend and contemporary of Rammellzee's, and remixed by Edan, who cites Rammellzee as a major influence.

Fight My Fire (Original Mix)

Instrumental Version

Fight My Fire (Edan Remix)

Remix Instrumental Version