Friends of Friends

Kyson - A Book Of Flying (LP - Peach Vinyl)

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A Book Of Flying marks Kyson's return to Friends of Friends and the follow-up to 2013's The Water's Way. Eleven roomy, beatific songs are rounded around Kyson's delicate vocal work, updating classic folk tropes with modern verve. Composed entirely by Kyson, the album is a sort of grown up bedroom album, full of contemplative instrumentation and songwriting that tugs at intrinsically human heartstrings. Whereas Kyson's music has touched on the dancefloor in the past, A Book Of Flying gives in entirely to his inward-looking proclivities and the result is his most complete work to date, a work of contemporary folk that paints a fluid picture of the artist.

As The Mind It Changes


Thank You For Everything Part II




A Song About The Future

Nice Circle

Black Dreaming

To Fight Without Sabotage

Outro / If Our Love Was A Movie