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Georgia Anne Muldrow - VWETO II (LP)

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Acclaimed west coast singer, songwriter, and producer Georgia Anne Muldrow announced today her new collection of astral instrumentals titled VWETO II. The new instrumental album is a mixture of dreamscape and fOnk. The title VWETO is from Ki-Kongo and mean “gravity” – a fitting word for beats this heavy, despite the tracks remaining liquid gold, shimmering and flowing freely. Each instrumental journeys through sonic realms that wash over the listener with ease, taking them out of body and into the spirit plane. Distinctly west coast, yet like nothing released before, VWETO II continues its exploration of the instrumental depths through a sonic blend of fOnk, Hip-hop, Noir-Jazz, Piano-Space, and Elektro-Soul.

"VWETO II is an astral funk laden mindscape. best used for long term discussions, late night car ciphers, deep contemplation, clearing the air after an argument or starting a brand new day. repeat as needed. Uhuru” - Georgia Muldrow

Almost Trendy

Bass Attack Bap

Big Mama Africa Jam


Bronx Skates

CV Jam Number 2

Emo Blues

Das Funk

Gettin It

Mary Lou's Motherboard

Nate Dogg's Eulogy

Old School Fonk

Something Fun

When The fOnk Radiates

Wu Punk

Yoyo Ma fOnk