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House Guests - My Mind Set Me Free: The House Guests Meet The Complete Stangers & Bootsy, Phelps & Gary (LP)

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Release Date: 08/23/2019
A slab of Cincinnati hard funk slammers
- most reissued (legally) for the first
time! Post JB's / Pre-P-funk outfits
headed up by brothers Catfish & Bootsy
Collins along with a Cincinnati
who-who's of top club players who
could turn it out night after night after
night in places like The Psychedelic
Grave or The Round Up Club that
featured a caged bear in the club!
This selection, hand picked by Bootsy,
highlights that youthful output under
various names as the House Guests,
The Complete Strangers & Bootsy,
Phelps & Gary - the monikers may have
changed but that’s the only thing.
All tracks remastered from the original
master tapes.