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Sanjo - Landings b/w Mule And Hummingbirds (7")

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Direct from Jal, New Mexico / Andros Island, Bahamas, Mango Hill Records is excited to introduce the newest member to the Mango Hill Universe, The mysterious Sanjo. After cutting a series of now classic raw organ tracks at The City Of Progress in North Miami with Andrew Yeomason (Spam Allstars), Andrew sent over a few tracks to Jason Joshua. Mesmerized by the tracks, Jason decided to jump behind the board and mix & produce this mysteriously odd confirmation of Jazz by the man himself.

Side A "Landings" is the sound of a man traveling to find the more is less approach musically and eternally. A song most likely written on a full moon with a gray Mexican wolf, howling into the stars, Sanjo delivers all in this desert-y first take masterpiece.

Side B "Mule & Hummingbirds" is the Sanjo's welcome to the Bahamian lifestyle. Simple, Jazzy & Tropical, Sanjo makes it easy for the listener to put on a tropical button down and enjoy a cocktail while swaying to this woozy B side.


Mule & Hummingbirds