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The Love Rights - Talk Of The Town b/w It's Time For A Change (7")

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At the core The Love Rights are big-voiced sisters Amber and Stephanie, with Amber taking lead duties on both tracks here. 

This, their first release hits hard with a pair of disparate sides that cover a lot of ground. The “A” side Talk of The Town is a firme ballad in the oldies tradition of the East Side Stories compilations and doesn’t even attempt to hide the heavy influence of other big voices like Linda Jones and Barbara Lynn. After a superficial listen you’ll be forgiven for just appreciating a superlative slowie, however Amber’s aggressively authentic female perspective echoes empowerment anthems like You Can’t Take It, and I’m A Good Woman by the aforementioned. 

Flip the disc and now you’ve got something so distinctly different, It’s Time For A Change hits with a punch of brass and positivity and follows through with an infectious dance-tempo. As soon as you fall into the groove, you’re hit with a funk cacophony that exactly fits the songs message of affirmative transformation. This release is as lyrically poignant as it is musically perfect and sums up why we are so proud to be working with The Love Rights!

Talk Of The Town

It's Time For A Change