The Grouch - Crusader For Justice (2xLP - White Vinyl)

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Limited edition of 500 copies on white colored 2LP vinyl. The Grouch's sixth album from 2003, "Crusader For Justice", gets its first ever vinyl edition. Being a founding member of the Living Legends crew, The Grouch has made his name from the mid-90's on as one of the leading artists out of the flourishing Westcoast Underground scene. All independently, all DIY. We at HHV are very excited to finally get his full back catalogue out on vinyl, for the first time ever!

Crumble Your Tower

Where I Wanna Get

Crusader For Justice

Backseat Drivers (feat. Scarab & Safari)

Cloud 9 (feat. Yadira)

Some People

Clean Nikes


Ain't My Life

No Slow Thinkers

Juxtaposed (feat. Eye Cue)

Paint A Perfect Picture

Better Than You

Moves That Make Me

More Than Meets The Eye