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Boca 45 - Forty Five (LP)

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At some point during a DJ career that’s lasted pretty much the entirety of his adult life, Boca 45 (aka Bristolian Scott Hendy) eschewed all other formats to choose the 7” as his weapon of choice. Embracing and celebrating the limitations of the format. A homage to that great art form, Forty Five is Hendy’s life story in twelve cuts; the soundtrack to an immersion in sound set to floor quaking music.

Forty Five

Energy Boost ft. Emskee

Soul On Top ft. Louis Baker

Bryan Munich Theme

Open Minds

White Blue & Red ft. Sergio Pizzorno

The Roxy ft. Emskee

Move A Mountain ft. Louis Baker

Home Cooking ft. DJ Woody

BMT Reprise

Lonely ft. Gee, G. Ealey

ALTZ ft. Parker