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Dutchy - Traversal (Cassette)

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Traversal serves as a means of pivoting in all aspects of life. Created in Headphones, For Headphones.

Available for the first time on clear green cassette, ‘Traversal’ features some of the most talented up and coming producers in the world.

Dutchy aka Dutchmassive has been involved in the independent HipHop scene for over 20 years working with the likes of Samiyam, 14KT, WunTwo, Celph Titled, Apathy, and more.

Sacred Goddess Cave


The Lift (feat. Ruff Draft)

Where are we headed?

Set Your Intentions

Stop sleeping in so much (feat. Rnd1)

Golden (Generation Gap)

Third Eyes Wide Shut


Sun Will Set

Aurora Obscurecer Escursiona

Heavy (KeepYuSatisfied)

Extra Introverted Extraverts

Analysis Paralysis

Catch The Fade (feat. Eludem)


This Could Be Us...

Walk In Your Shoes

Time Me

Entry, descent and landing (feat. Scott Xylo)

Dive Off The Deep End (feat. Cazal Organism)

Rooftop, 5th Floor (feat. Sleepyeyes)

Submarine Under Brooklyn

Lua Cheia (feat. Kaelin Ellis)

Sacred Moon Vagina (feat. Ash Tre Jinkins)