Free Tillman

Free Tillman - My Way Home (LP)

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My Way Home is an instrumental album that tells the story of a person finding his way home and everything that entails.

The story begins with our protagonist going about his everyday life knowing that something is wrong. He wants to move to the big city and become an artist but his girlfriend wants to stay.
After some back and forth he decides he needs to leave but before long he realizes that the big city could not care less about his dreams. He starts having second thoughts. He misses his girl and after a few too many drinks he decides to head back “home”.
It’s at that point that opportunity knocks and he realizes that it wasn’t his hometown or his girlfriend that he missed: it was the comfort. Unfortunately comfort isn’t going to lead him to the life he wants. In the words of Phonte Coleman “ Do you really want to win, or just look good losing?”

Ordinary World




Play Me Off

Hustle Hardcore

Sunday Devotion


Stop Time

Siren Song

Boy/Girl Pt. II (Relapse)


Think It Over

Radio Signal

No Chaser

Opportunity Knock

Money Dance

Swagger Back!

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